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Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
38 Demonstratsii st., Tula, Russia
Clinic of Microsurgery of the Eye
Using equipment by indek (Japan)
Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
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Clinic of Microsurgery of the Eye


Our Cinic opened its doors in January, 2004. It is conveniently located in the center of Tula, which is a two-hour drive from Moscow. The state-of-the-art equipment used for diagnosis and treatment is provided by Nidek (Japan).

Currently, the Independent Non-Profit Organization VZGLYAD(r) Clinic of Microsurgery of the Eye provides a wide variety of the latest vision recovery services:

·         Eye exams using the state-of-the-art high-precision equipment

·         LASIK (sometimes, PRK) procedures for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism using excimer laser equipment;

·         Laser-assisted glaucoma treatment using modern techniques

·         Laser-assisted retina treatment

·         Unique sutureless technology of cataract extraction using the phacoemulsification method (patent № 2304949).

·         Eyelid surgery 

·         Pediatric medical eye care

·         Eyewear selection and design

The treatment includes eye exams and surgery, along with necessary medical supplies, as well as follow-up observation and care. All services are favourably priced.Our mission is to provide comprehensive high-quality vision care, while maintaining a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our patients.


Our Practice

Laser-assisted vision correction is a modern technique allowing for much quicker vision recovery, including post-treatment adaptation period, compared to other treatment practices.

Unlike traditional surgery, laser-assisted correction is safe. Eye surgery, even if performed by a highly qualified professional, always involves risk of human error, which may affect the results dramatically. Laser-assisted correction is a high-precision technique, which is only performed by automatic computer equipment thus removing the risk of slip of hand. That is why laser-assisted vision correction is the safest and quickest way to vision recovery.

Laser-assisted vision correction is the minimum-invasive and most delicate treatment of eye cornea with only the necessary areas affected. This minimizes the time needed for post-treatment adaptation to just two days.

Today, laser-assisted vision correction is the safest and quickest way to provide complete independence from glasses and contact lenses once and for all!

 We can give you a perfect vision – you'll see it for yourself®!

+7 (4872)555-000

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