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Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
38 Demonstratsii st., Tula, Russia
Clinic of Microsurgery of the Eye
Using equipment by indek (Japan)
Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
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Our Equipment

An automatic high-precision corneal topographer. Resolution: 21,600 pixel.
Echoscan NIDEK US–4000 – a three-in-one unit of A-B-scan and ultrasonic pachymeter – is used to render the internal structure and characteristics of the eye, providing graphic data for diagnostic purposes
RS-3000 Tomography is used for detailed examination of eye structure, features of corneal and retinal anatomy. RS-3000 Tomography is harmless, even when conducted on children
Optometric Workstation COS-1500 includes an installed automatic refractor RT-5100 with a unique field of view 40° wide and an impressive test set, as well as a built-in CPU with memory, which can transfer ARK, AR and RKT data, and a tabletop control panel with a built-in 8.4-inch LCD touch-active display, and a lot of automatic functions.
A compact, fully-automated universal device, combining a digital non-cycloplegic fundus camera with a computer-based microperimeter.
A halogen device with a set of tables for visual acuity exams.
Slit Lamp SL-1800 is used to examine the state of the front part of the eye (eyelid, lashes, conjunctives, cornea, iris and its angle, lens).
Excimer Laser System ЕС-5000 is the state-of-the-art equipment for corneal surgery.
The system used for sutureless cataract surgery.
A compact, easily portable Green Laser Photocoagulator with diode pumping.
ARK-10000 is a two-in-one unit, which is used both to measure autorefraction and to analyze corneal topography.
A multifunctional, compact YAG laser system with a built-in slit lamp SL-1600 for medical eye surgery.
A halogen device with a set of tables for visual acuity exams of both children and adults.
Chart System SC-2000 is a device projecting characters on an LCD screen.
The equipment used to measure corneal thickness (pachymetry) and conduct ultrasonic A- and B-scans.
The equipment used to analyze corneal thickness before surgery.
The equipment used for atomatic non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure.
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