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Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
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Clinic of Microsurgery of the Eye
Using equipment by indek (Japan)
Modern techniques to restore your eyesight
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Laser-assisted glaucoma treatment


The statistics show that about 67mn people all over the world are affected with glaucoma. By 2030, it is forecast, this number will double.

Ophthalmologists pay so much attention to this disorder because it is widespread and difficult to treat and diagnose at early stages. In developed countries, the rate of vision loss caused by glaucoma stays at 14%-15% with no intention of decreasing; 5.2mn people all over the world have lost their sight because of this disorder. In Russia, over the past decade, the nosological proportion of glaucoma-caused primary disabilities has increased from 12% to 20%.

No matter what the nature of glaucoma is, the condition itself is severe, aggravated by spiking intraocular pressure, pain syndrome, deterioration in visual functions. If treated belatedly or insufficiently, this disorder causes irreversible blindness.

The most common world practices of treating glaucoma are application of eye drops to decrease intraocular pressure, traditional surgery, or laser-assisted treatment.

The classic approach is to use eye drops, but it must be mentioned that glaucoma is a chronic pathology requiring everyday use of various medicines for a long time. Still, patients sometimes fail to observe regular intervals between instillations, thus reducing the efficiency of medicinal glaucoma treatment.

Treating of glaucoma with traditional surgery also has some underlying faults. It only creates a small area, where intraocular liquid is pumped away at 20 times the usual rate, while there is no drainage elsewhere.

Laser-assisted surgery has been a revolution in glaucoma treatment, pioneered by a Russian ophthalmologist Mikhail Krasnov in 1973. In 1979, Wise & Witter introduced laser-assisted surgery as a clinical practice. Incidentally, it emerged that laser is capable of curing even extreme conditions, such as closed-angle glaucoma.

Laser-assisted glaucoma treatment may serve as a transition from eye drops to filtering surgery, and also as a supplement to traditional surgery.

The laser-assisted treatment consists in trabecula stimulation by laser pulses, which restores and improves natural drainage of intraocular liquid. Laser does not affect circulation inside the eye ball, and thus does no harm to vision.

Laser-assisted treatment is always carried out on the outpatient basis, is painless and does not require application of general narcosis. It also does not affect everyday life of the patient.

Only 3% of the patients need additional surgery a month after the treatment; 17% need it in 6 months; 22% - in 12 months; 29% - in 36 months; 51%-39% - in 5 years.

To sum it up:

Laser-assisted glaucoma treatment is safe, painless, and pathogenetically grounded.

Our Clinic offers you laser-assisted treatment using laser equipment by Nidek (Japan). The treatment takes only a few minutes and can be scheduled whenever suits you.

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